Secret Reasons Yoga Stands Apart From Other Physical Exercise

Have you been wondering whether yoga is actually worth the effort? After all, if you already run or lift, do you really need yoga? The answer is yes.

Even if you don’t exercise regularly, yoga has benefits you can start taking advantage of right now, on day one. Read on to find out why yoga is different from other exercises.

Practice is easily modified for different abilities

Yoga is a form of exercise that nearly anyone can participate in. That’s because the difficulty level and flexibility required of each pose varies. If there are certain poses you cannot do (or cannot do yet), then you can switch up your routine to work on poses that will help you meet your own goals.

In general, yoga is safer and less likely to result in muscle injuries than other forms of exercise.

Yoga puts you in a different mindset

Typical workouts try to get you pumped and get your adrenaline flowing. Yoga isn’t usually like that. You can get a really good strength and flexibility workout from yoga, but typically you end the session feeling more relaxed rather than exerted. That’s because yoga puts a big emphasis on taking your time and following your breathing. It’s about getting each move to be the best it can be rather than doing lots of reps.

It frees you from expectations

Yoga is not about a particular result or getting to a particular goal. The goal in yoga is simply to practice it on a regular schedule and continue doing as much as your body can do (and only what your body can do). It is not about comparing how your pose looks to someone else’s. It is about the present practice rather than where you can get with it.

Yoga helps you deal with daily stress

All exercise can reduce stress levels. But yoga actually helps you learn to cope with stress in a better way. That’s because it focuses on posture and breathing. Learning to sit and stand with good posture both makes you feel better and makes it easier to breathe. And being able to take calm breaths when you are anxious, scared, or angry will keep stress down.

Yoga has its own unique benefits

If you’re asking yourself whether you should be doing yoga or exercise, the answer is a little of both. That’s because yoga and other exercise are not interchangeable. Whereas exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone, yoga primarily builds flexibility and breath control.

Maintaining flexibility is extremely important when you are doing muscle building exercises. If you don’t stretch the muscles, they become short and stiff. That’s not what you want. Healthy muscles are long and lean, and are not prone to injury. Short, tight muscles are more likely to get pulled and injured. And breath control also helps you in your other exercise.

So the best plan of action is to work yoga into your regular exercise schedule.